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MESCA Membership

Membership Benefits

Members of the Maine School Counselors Association enjoy the support of peers from around the state, plus these additional benefits:

    • An annual subscription to the MESCA newsletter filled with relevant information for professional school counselors in Maine
    • An opportunity to participate in MESCA activities, board meetings, conferences, and workshops
    • Professional networking opportunities through conferences and online forums
    • Members-only Facebook page for discussion and idea sharing
    • An opportunity to add your voice to the chorus of school counselors committed to counseling PreK-12 students

    Membership Levels

    Professional: $40

    Professional members must hold a Master’s degree in Counseling or a closely related field, and must either be certified as a school counselor by the state of Maine or be employed as a counselor educator in a graduate level program that prepares professional school counselors.
    Student: $10

    All Master’s level students enrolled in a Counselor Education degree program working toward their certification as a Maine school counselor are eligible for student membership.
    Emeritus: FREE

    The governing board of MESCA can award Emeritus status to anybody who has been a Professional member of MESCA for several years, who has made a significant contribution to school counseling in Maine, and who has resigned or retired from a professional position in Maine.
    Affiliate: $40

    Any person who subscribes to the purposes and ideals of MESCA and wishes to support its goals, but is not eligible for any other type of membership may become an affiliate member.

    The Fine Print

    Length of Term

    Your MESCA membership is effective for one full year from the last day of the month that you join or renew your membership.

    MESCA Email List

    Members receive an email newsletter and MESCA meeting minutes throughout the year. Need to update your email address in our records? Use the contact form to provide us with your new details.

    Joint Membership

    If you are planning to join the national organization, as well as MESCA, you can register for both organizations via the ASCA website.


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    We’ve launched a video series called MESCA Minute that we hope you will find helpful.

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    Attend a MESCA Board Meeting

    Due to Covid, we are all of our meetings are now virtual. All MESCA members are welcome to attend. Please join us!

    Schedule of upcoming Board Meetings:

    May 18th, 2021